The usual news, gear & ratholes, including new Red schedules plus Resolve in the Red Room.

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3 Responses to the rc#93: Grading and Schedules

  1. Based on the post on the boards as reported in the RC podcast notes, I updated my unofficial RED EPIC price spreadsheet. Please check it over and make any corrections if needed. Putting a one (1) in cell B2 gives you the 2012 prices. Leaving it blank or putting in a zero (0) will give you the 2011 prices.

    Here’s the link:

    Using this spreadsheet I did a comparison of the EPIC-M package price with similar accessories but with the EPIC-X brain.

    $46,000.00 – $12,000.00 — EPIC-X Package equivalent to EPIC-M before 1/1/2012
    $54,350.00 – $3,650.00 — EPIC-X Package equivalent to EPIC-M after 12/31/2011
    $58,000.00 ————— EPIC-M Package Price

    Oh, and Mike, I agree with you on the confusion with the various Red Giant versions and packages. But I do have the same problem with Adobe and Autodesk products as well. For example, if I have Photoshop do I need Lightroom? What does Lightroom do that Photoshop doesn’t?

    Posted by Robert on
  2. Thanks robert. prices are going to go up a bit, but theres a while to go to get those orders in. This is going to do is create a huge rush for accessories for people already with M’s of for those stocking up for their X before its released.

    Took RED a little too long to tell those who’d ordered an X to know what would be in the kits.

    Posted by Jason Wingrove on

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