the vfx show #81: Contact

Mike Seymour, Jason Wingrove and VFX Show co-founder Ron Brinkmann discuss visual effects in the 1997 classic feature “Contact”.

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vfxs081 credits:
Producer/Audio Postproduction: Kristin Martin
Research and Show Notes: Lori Apthorp

Show Notes:

Mission Impossible (TV – 1966)
Inferno, Flame
Wavefront Composer
Sheena Duggal
Mark Holmes
Robert Zemeckis
James Cameron
Carl Sagan
Ken Ralston
Jay Redd
Jodie Foster
Jena Malone
Jerome Chen
John Hurt
David Morse
Peter Jackson

1 thought on “the vfx show #81: <em>Contact</em>”

  1. Excellent show! As the FX Producer at Imageworks on Contact, it brought back some great memories. (I was Julia Rivas at the time.) I just want to add two things:
    The opening shot was 4710 frames and we called it “From Earth to Ellie.”
    And when Ron says it was a long show, he simply means the number of hours he and the whole crew worked on it were long. It was an incredibly short schedule! We started R&D and prepro in August of 1996, the shoot started in September and ended in Feb of 1997 and we delivered at the end of June 97 and the movie came out July 11. Not even a year! Whew.
    Great show! Thanks for the fond memories.

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