the vfx show #108: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Mike Seymour, Matt Wallin, Jason Diamond and Kanen Flowers have a knockout takedown fight over ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.’ Krowww!

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Mat Graham and Todd Scholton

Show Notes:

Director: Edgar Wright
Cinematographer: Bill Pope
VFX Supervisors and Visual Effects Companies:
Frazer Churchill, DNEG
Dennis Berardi and Aaron Weintraub, Mr. X

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They Live
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2 thoughts on “the vfx show #108: <em>Scott Pilgrim vs. the World</em>”

  1. We’ll your intro to the movie was a great argument. I was laughing working working out. As for the low box office, can we attribute that to the fact that the demo it’s marketed at is probably downloading a pirated version off the internet? The movies IMDB rating is 8.1, so obviously a large group likes this movie.

    I actually went to a bookstore and thumbed through a copy of “Book 1” and it actually looked interesting, even though I consider myself out of the demographic for the movie. As I suspected, the preview looked exciting, but there was no way I was going to go to a theater for an onslaught of visuals. I’ll wait for the Blu-ray.

    Thanks for the show.

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