the vfx show #116: Green Hornet

Mike Seymour, Jason Diamond and Jason Wingrove discuss the visual effects in the Michel Gondry film, The Green Hornet, including Gondry’s styilzed directing, Kato’s dynamic fight sequences, the time bending effects work done by CIS Hollywood, Pixomondo’s flashback sequence and the 2D to 3D dimensionalization done by Legend 3D, Stereo D, Venture 3D and Sassoon Film Design.

Check out the fxguide feature article by Ian Failes detailing the VFX work in The Green Hornet done by Hammerhead, Luma Pictures, CIS Hollywood, Pixomondo, CIS Vancouver and the ‘Gutter Band’.

fxinsider members have access to Ian’s in-depth article detailing CIS Hollywood’s time bending effects work.

Show Notes:

Director:  Michel Gondry
Cinematographer: John Schwartzman
VFX Supervisors and Visual Effects Companies:
Jamie Dixon — Hammerhead Productions
Greg Oehler — CIS Hollywood/Vancouver
Gavin Wright — Proof
Vincent Cerelli — Luma Pictures

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