Mike Seymour, Mark Christiansen and Jason Diamond dissect ILM's first fully in-house, fully animated feature Rango.

Mike Seymour spoke to ILM animation director Hal Hickel about bringing Rango to life in a recent fxpodcast. Mike also posted a quicktake video on fxguide showing emotion capture in action.

Show Notes:

Director:  Gore Verbinski

Art Director: John Bell

Director of Animation: Hal T. Hickel

VFX Supervisors and Visual Effects Company: Tim Alexander -- ILM

There Will Be Blood


Short story about the genesis of the initial story treatment of Rango

The Last Airbender

A look at ILM's render farm -- video

"Rango" and the rise of kidult-oriented animation

Timothy Olyphant

Hunter S. Thompson

Roger Deakins

WALL-E Shopping Cart Scene -- video

Keyser Söze

ASC Magazine's explanation of "What is a Director of Photography"

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