Mike Seymour, Jason Wingrove and Matt Wallin roll out the 8mm film and expose the VFX in the J. J. Abrams film, Super 8.

For J.J. Abrams’ Super 8, Industrial Light & Magic was tasked with creating the visual effects for the film’s dramatic train crash, the alien creature and its spaceship, and several other key scenes. fxguide talked to senior ILM visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren and animation supervisor Paul Kavanagh about realizing the film’s ‘production value’ in this fxguide article

Show Notes:

Director:  J. J. Abrams
Cinematographer: Larry Fong
VFX Supervisors and Visual Effects Companies:
Kim Libreri -- ILM
Russell Earl --ILM
Dennis Muren -- ILM
Daniel P. Rosen -- Evil Eye Pictures
Stephan Trojansky -- Scanline VFX
Sven Martin – Pixomondo


E. T.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The trailers

Paul Kavanagh

Lens flares meet the Original Star Trek Series

The Greatest Show on Earth train wreck

The Fugitive train wreck

TED Talk with J. J. Abrams

Keith Edmier

Rick Baker

Starship Trooper Creature

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