the vfx show #151: The Amazing Spider-Man

Mike Seymour, Matt Leonard and Jason Diamond discuss the visual effects in the latest incarnation of The Amazing Spider-Man.

We have additional coverage on the VFX in The Amazing Spider-Man on fxguide with Mike Seymour’s article Spider-Man: the detailed vfx of spiders and lizards. In the article Mike takes a look at Sony Pictures Imageworks’ visual effects for The Amazing Spider-Man, including their approach to the sub-surface scattering of lizard skin, spidey’s animation, the digital New York and working with the RED EPIC stereo footage. Plus we look at Pixomondo’s work for the film.

Also on fxguide we have the Shooting diary of Spider-Man: bringing it to the screen.

And finally, over on fxguidetv we’ve got episode #150 where we’re at Sony Pictures Imageworks to discuss their incredible visual effects for the film.

Show Notes:

Director: Marc Webb
Cinematographer: John Schwartzman
VFX Supervisors and Companies:

Jim Rygiel, Jerome Chen — Production Supervisors
Kevin Kolodinsky — Sony Pictures Imageworks
David Smith — Sony Pictures Imageworks – Digital Effects Supervisor
Theo Bialek — Sony Pictures Imageworks – CG Supervisor
Boris Schmidt — Pixomondo
Don Lee — Pixel Playground
David Barton — With a Twist Studios

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