Mike Seymour, Jason Diamond and TyRuben Ellingson discuss the visual effects in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Note: this podcast includes plot spoilers. Look out for upcoming coverage of the film on fxguide.

Show Notes:

Visual effects supervisor: Paul J. Franklin
Visual effects producer: Mike Chambers
Special effects supervisor: Chris Corbould

Director: Christopher Nolan
Cinematographer: Wally Pfister


Double Negative
New Deal Studios – Ian Hunter, visual effects supervisor

Official The Dark Knight Rises website

Trajectory of a Falling Batman – Physics Special Topics

Photographs of ILM below courtesy of TyRuben Ellingson.

ILM Christmas party, 1993. From left, Mark Dippe, Wes Takahashi, George Lucas, TyRuben Ellingson.
ILM in 1995. TyRuben Ellingson: "No computers on our desks. I think the department had three. When I started in 1989 we had none, in fact in the entire company, we had only two copiers."

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3 Responses to the vfx show #152: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. You guys overlooked the one shot that bothered me in the film; the obvious rig removal in the shot of Batman standing on top of the bridge, which you referenced when discussing the “gothic-ness” of the city. It looked as though a camouflaged Predator was holding him up by the crotch.

    Posted by Joshua Mahan on
  2. was waiting for this podcast.. nice one as always.

    Posted by shashikiran jeppu on
  3. @Joshua Mahan: believe it or not that’s actually the plate – it’s a weird effect caused by layers of background architecture lining up and sliding against eachother. There’s no rig removal in that area – the safety line is in a different place altogether, but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

    Posted by Paul Franklin on

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