Mike Seymour, Matt Leonard and Ed Moore go to Skyfall and discuss the VFX in the newest James Bond Film.

Show Notes:

Director: Sam Mendes
Cinematographer: Roger Deakins
VFX Supervisors and Companies:
Steven Begg — Production VFX Supervisor
Arundi Asregadoo — MPC
Jonathan Neill — Cinesite
Andrew Whitehurst — Dneg
Angela Barson — BlueBolt
John Paul Docherty — Peerless
Hugh Macdonald — Nvizible
Edson Williams — Lola
Steve Moncur — VFX Supervisor

Chris Corbould — Special Effects Supervisor

The Union Jack

Skyfall Opening Titles

Daniel Kleinman

William Bartlett


ARRI Master Primes

Bond arrival at the Casinostill image

Mitch Paulson — Supervising Digital Colorist


Andrew Whitehurst

Bond on Set: Filming Skyfallbook

3D Printing on Bond

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