the vfx show #173: Rush + exclusive video breakdown

Mike Seymour, Matt Wallin and Jason Diamond go racing with Ron Howard's Rush. Plus an exclusive video breakdown of Double Negative's visual effects for the film.

Please note - we are still experimenting with Google Hangouts. Once this is 'out of beta' for us, we will publish ahead of time when you can join us. For now we are recording the audio from the test Hangouts, and we will continue to publish the vfxshow as a podcast regardless. Thanks for your support.

Show Notes

Director: Ron Howard
Cinematographer: Anthony Dod Mantle
VFX Supervisor: Jody Johnson (Double Negative)
Additional visual effects: Pixomondo

fxguide coverage: Thrills and spills: behind the VFX of Rush

rc podcast interview with DOP Anthony Dod Mantle

Watch an exclusive video breakdown of Dneg's VFX for Rush.

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2 Responses to the vfx show #173: Rush + exclusive video breakdown

  1. Who’s breathing thru the nose during the recording?! Quite annoying!!!
    Otherwise, I really liked the movie! Thank you for a nice vfx show!

    Posted by Stefan Viklund on
  2. I only breathe through my blow hole so it can’t be me. ;P

    Mike and his crew are working really hard to get all the technical issues clicking full steam on the Google Hangout versions. There are bound to be a few glitches in these first few. Stick with it, I’m sure it’ll all get dialed in in the coming weeks.

    Thanks for your feedback! Any and all comments are always much appreciated.


    Posted by Matt Wallin on

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