Mike Seymour, Andrew Usher and Zap Andersson discuss the visual effects, character animation and rendering in Neill Blomkamp's latest film Chappie.

Show Notes:

Production VFX Supervisor -- Chris Harvey
Image Engine
Weta Workshop
The Embassy VFX -- Michael Stewart
Ollin VFX -- Charlie Iturriaga

Short Circuit (1986)

Robocop (1987)

Ex Machina (2015)

Sharlto Copley's t-shirt listing the names of the character animators

The practical and digital tech behind Chappie -- By Ian Failes

Panavision Anamorphic C, E, G Series Lenses

Aces in 10 minutes

Spectral Rendering

3delight Renderer

Arnold Renderer

Path Tracing

Monte Carlo method

Ambient Occlusion as Fast As Possible

Zap's Renderteam Blog

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