the vfx show #75: Dark City

Mike Seymour and Mark Christiansen discuss the visual effects in the 1998 classic feature film “Dark City”.

Producer’s note: A big thank you to Lori Apthorp for research and show notes, and to Todd Scholton for review.

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Show Notes:
The Crow
The Matrix
Ross Emery
Andrew Lesnie
King Kong
Bruce Hunt
Peter Doyle
Lord of the Rings
Blade Runner
Terry Gilliam
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Riff Raft
Richard O’Brien
Star Wars (1977)
The Abyss
Animal Logic
D film Services
The Knowing

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2 thoughts on “the vfx show #75: <em>Dark City</em>”

  1. Yes, I’d love to hear you review Brazil. I’d also love for you to go way back and review “Forbidden Planet”, “This Island Earth”, “Dark Star” and “The Last Starfighter”. Okay, you got me … I’m a SF fan.

    “Dark Star” is a student project directed by John Carpenter. Co-written by John and Dan O’Bannon, who went on to write “Alien”.

    I think “The Last Starfighter” would be good to review because it it was such an early us of computer generated images. Also it was Robert Preston’s last film appearance.

    “This Island Earth”, released in 1955, was a year before “Forbidden Planet”. I think everyone would agree that “Forbidden Planet” was the better of the two, but as a kid I was really hooked on deep space adventures in books. It took me totally by surprise to see such movies depicting hard core science fiction.

    I was really fascinated by the images in the last part of the movie as they approached the planet Metaluna which was under attack from space. Looking back now I realize that the vfx shots were all miniatures which, in those days, was likely the only way it could be done.

    Okay, enough of this. I could go on to others but I’m thinking you might not want a list of all SF movies since 1955 (well, most of them weren’t very good anyway).



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