the vfx show #87: Jurassic Park

Mike Seymour, David Stripinis and Jason Wingrove discuss visual effects in the feature film, “Jurassic Park”

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vfxs087 credits:
Producer/Audio Postproduction: Mike Seymour
Show notes: Todd Scholton

Show Notes:
Jurassic Park

Kristin Martin
Thinkings Machines
Indigo Computers
When Harry Met Sally
Nintendo Power Gloves
Milestones in Film History: Greatest VFX and SFX and CGI
Michael Lantieri
Dennis Muren
Stan Winston Studios
Tippett Studio
Rick Carter
Mark A.Z. Dippe
Joe Letteri
Stephen Rosenbaum
Dinosaur Input Device
Welcome to Jurassic Park Scene
Sam Neill
Schindler’s List
Jeff Goldblum
The Big Chill
Lord Richard Attenborough
Dean Cundey
Michael Crichton

2 thoughts on “the vfx show #87: <em>Jurassic Park</em>”

  1. Great show once again, guys! In thinking about Jurassic Park I remember it being one of the first movies to have its audio running off a CD rather than the optical track on the film itself. I recall going to the theater and having the choice between “standard” and “CD sound.” Does anyone else remember this?

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