the vfx show #90: Surrogates

Mike Seymour, Jason Diamond and David Stripinis discuss the visual effects in the feature film “Surrogates”.

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vfxs090 credits:
Producer: Mike Seymour
Show Notes: Todd Scholton

Show Notes:


Kilgore Trout
Blade Runner
I, Robot
Mark Stetson
Synthespian Studios
The Moving Pictures Company
Benjamin Button
Sandbox F/X
Brickyard VFX
White Chicks
James Cromwell
Kill Bill
Brandon Lee
Christian Bale
Heloise & The Savoir Faire

We are aware of a short audio problem at the end of the podcast. We will post a fixed version soon! In the interim enjoy the show.

1 thought on “the vfx show #90: <em>Surrogates</em>”

  1. I just saw this movie as a horrible horrible live action version of Ghost in the Shell (all iterations) headed in all the wrong directions.

    So many issues. . .

    Great Discussion though!

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