the vfx show #100: Indiana Jones Trilogy

Mike Seymour, Jason Wingrove and Jason Diamond celebrate the 100th episode of the VFX Show by discussing the visual effects of the first three Indiana Jones films.

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vfxs100 Production Credits:
Producers: Mat Graham and Todd Scholton

Show Notes:

Director: Steven Spielberg

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Optical printing
Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)
‘Making of’ story discussing the use of water tanks and head effects
Link to ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos for Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Oracle in 300

Temple of Doom
‘Making of’ video
Douglas Slocombe
Stop motion and go motion
Image of the Nikon camera rig
Georges dog, “Indiana”

Last Crusade
Yusei Uesugi-Matte painter
Nazi aging video
Al Khazneh – Petra in Jordan
‘Making of” story from fan site
‘Leap of Faith’ composite shot image
Vic Armstrong
Denholm Elliott
Alfred Molina

Jason’s and his brother’s Danko Jones music video they just directed, shot and edited

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  1. If you love this episode, you should search for an old documentary from BBC – Horizon: How To Film The Impossible – in google. This documentary is all about ILM, showing a lot of the effects needs for Temple of Doom, special the rollercoaster scene.

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