the vfx show #104: Speed

Mike Seymour, Ron Brinkmann and Ian Failes revisit Ian’s favorite film of all time, “Speed.”

Download vfxs104 here

Production Credits:
Producers: Mat Graham and Todd Scholton

Show Notes:

Director: Jan de Bont

Dennis Hopper
Joss Weedon
Keanu Reeves
Sandra Bullock
Die Hard
Hunt for Red October
Black Rain
Fan Made video of the Speed Bus Jump
Short Video of the making of the bus jump
Mythbusters tackles the bus jump
Boyd Shermis
David Douglas
Wavefront Technologies
Color Timer (Grading)
Scott Squires
Ken Ralston
John Bruno
Rear Projection

1 thought on “the vfx show #104: <em>Speed</em>”

  1. Hey guys,

    Love the show. But…I can’t believe that nobody noticed or brought up the fact that you can quite easily see the “tow line” that was attached to the van that was pulling the bus as it exploded in front of the “Binocular Building” on Main Street. Looks like wire removal was not part of the budget, or maybe nobody cared. Check it out next time you watch that scene, and you will see the cable connected from the van to the bus.

    Also, some of the “undercranking” was a little too Keystone Kops for my taste. Otherwise, great flick.

    Keep up the great podcasts.


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