vfxshow 209: Star Trek Beyond

trek4Mike Seymour, Matt Wallin and Jason Diamond discuss the visual effects of Star Trek Beyond (and some of what happened at Siggraph 2016)

Director: Justin Lin
Cinematographer: Steve Windon

Main VFX studios:

  • D.Neg
  • Atomic Fiction
  • G-creative productions
  • Proof
  • Mist vfx
  • Prime Focus

Read fxguide’s WIRED coverage of the film here.

Special thanks to Matt Wallin and Ryan Pribyl for production assistance and editing.

BTW we welcome your input on shows you’d like to hear – sorry fo the gap last month – SIGGRAPH  and some other issues meant we skipped 2 shows but we are back now.

4 thoughts on “vfxshow 209: Star Trek Beyond”

  1. Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Najera

    Congratulations on yet another great show. I truly enjoyed it.

    SPOLIER: There was one thing in the plot that bothered me and you didn’t mention. Each swarm ship needed two aliens to pilot it. There were millions of ships. Where did all these pilots come from, if the bad guys came from a Federation ship that at most carries hundreds of people?

    Juan Carlos

      1. Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Najera

        I missed the comment about the drone army, thanks. But even so, what are the drones, or for that matter the ships, made of? Where do the resources to build so much come from?

  2. Just a note on your list of companies there. MPC is listed at the top and they had nothing to do with the movie. DNEG did majority of the work. Would be good if that was reflected accurately.

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