VFXShow 260: Love, Death + Robots



In this special episode of the VFXShow we look at Volume 3 of Love, Death + Robots with special guests including Jerome ‘Jed’ Denjean Blur’s Supervising Creative Director for the series. Joining him is another special guest, render guru, Autodesk’s Håkan ‘Zap’ Andersson. Our special guests join our show regulars, Matt Wallin, Jason Diamond, and Mike Seymour.

The Love, Death + Robots series is an adult animated streaming anthology created by Tim Miller for Netflix. The series is produced by Blur Studio, and it consists of stand-alone episodes that contain different narratives and animations and are produced by different animation studios from a range of countries, exploring diverse genres particularly comedy, horror, science fiction, and robotics.

Volume 3 (2022) has 9 episodes, and as you will hear in the podcast, it is conceptually the second half of last year’s Volume 2.

Volume 3:

  1. Three Robots: Exit Strategies.    Dir. Patrick Osborne
  2. Bad Travelling.    Dir. David Fincher
  3. The Very Pulse of the Machine.    Dir. Emily Dean
  4. Night of the Mini Dead.    Dir. Robert Bisi & Andy Lyon
  5. Kill Team Kill.    Dir. Jennifer Yuh Nelson
  6. Swarm.    Dir. Tim Miller
  7. Mason’s Rats.    Dir. Carlos Stevens
  8. In Vaulted Halls Entombed.    Dir. Jerome Chen
  9. Jibaro.     Dir. Alberto Mielgo

Serving a bleak humanity this week are:

  • Matt  Wallin *     @mattwallin               www.mattwallin.com
  • Jason Diamond  @jasondiamond           www.thediamondbros.com
  • Mike  Seymour   @mikeseymour.                www.fxguide.com
  • ‘Zap’ Andersson.   @masterzap.                www.autodesk.com. or www.lysator.liu.se/~zap/
  • Jerome ‘Jed’ Denjean. @TheBlurStudio.   www.blur.com

* editing of the show by Matt Wallin with help from Jim Shen.


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