VFXShow 267: The Last of Us & The Mandalorian

In this double Ep we cover both Pedro Pascal’s hit shows The Mandalorian (Season 3) and The Last of Us (Season 1). The Chilean-American actor became the ‘Daddy of the Internet’ with his two hit shows, where he is a father figure and both of which have exceptional visual effects. Primarily, The Mandalorian’s VFX is by ILM and their special London-based series unit, while Weta provided the key visuals of The Last of Us.

The team explicitly discussed this shot above and the clever blending of digital and live action

This week’s hosts are:

  • Matt  Wallin *     @mattwallin               www.mattwallin.com.
  • Jason Diamond  @jasondiamond           www.thediamondbros.com
  • Mike  Seymour   @mikeseymour.                www.fxguide.com. + @mikeseymour
  • *Special thanks to Matt Wallin with help from Jim Shen for editing the show.

At the end of the Ep – Mike commented on a special Google Baby Yoda browser that randomly appeared. Below is a screengrab

Google itself added this Easter egg as a nod to the millions of fans of the series.  If you search for “The Mandalorian”, “Grogu” or “Baby Yoda” in its search bar, you will discover that the results do not come alone: ​​they are accompanied by a Baby Yoda eager to use his powers in a corner of the screen. If you then click on him, he will move his hands putting his skills into practice and he destroys part of your screen.

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