Virtual Production for DOPs


At and we have been involved in researching and developing techniques for Virtual Production.  This includes key panel discussions (The Pulse), podcasts (Fxpodcast) and presentations with Epic Games and this latest piece with the Australian Cinematographers Society.

Working with the ACS and especially the talented DOP Tom Gleeson, we were very happy to contribute to this video which looks at Virtual Production and in particular LED stages from the Cinematographers point of view.

Virtual Production“, as used by DOPs such as Australia’s Greig Fraser, ACS, ASC on Disney’s The Mandalorian, is one of the hottest topics in VFX and production in general. The ACS Technology Committee created this video to discuss how virtual production works, and specifically its use, challenges, and impact.

In August, NEP Studios and Spectre Studios in Sydney worked with the ACS to set up a LED studio. Under the guidance of Bonnie Elliott, ACS, and Kieran Fowler, NZCS, ACS a series of scenarios were filmed exploring virtual production using large-scale, computer-driven LED walls.