fxpodcast #360: Gareth Edwards and the ILM team on The Creator

In our latest fxpodcast episode, we explore the visual effects and filmmaking logic behind the incredible visuals of the Creator. Mike talks with Director Gareth Edwards, along with ILM VFX supervisor Jay Cooper, Andrew Roberts who was ILM on-set VFX supervisor, and ILM animation supervisor Michael Midlock.

Over at our visual effects training site, fxphd.com, we’ve made the first five classes of Edwards course available for viewing for free. Edward’s A Guerrilla Filmmakers Guide to After Effects is one of our most popular courses ever at fxphd. Even after 15 years, the course covering work he did on the BBC’s Atilla the Hun is still incredibly popular because of how Edwards shares his approach to the job, focusing on the art, the artist’s eye, and the craft. Check it out over at fxphd.

If you want to find out more about his work on Atilla the Hun, check out our article from 2008 here at fxguide. Like his course at fxphd, this article is one of our most popular articles ever here at fxguide.


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