This year’s Super Bowl once again delivered some amazing spots, in addition to the ones we highlighted last week, one spot brought a smile to our face, the Sprint Evelyn spot. We assumed it had been achieved with CG but in reality it was a mix of work from Legacy FX and MPC.

The spot features a technologically advanced AI robot called Evelyn and is set in a high-tech laboratory experiment, during which she and the other robots poke fun at the lab doctor for not choosing Sprint as their service provider.

The team worked with with MJZ’s Nick Ball on “Evelyn”, to produce the funny, futuristic-style ad from Droga5 for Sprint.  According to his bio, Nick followed “in the footsteps of many directors before him”, and was is a film school dropout who, driven by his passion for character development and crafting of cinematic worlds, has since proven himself to be a performance director who loves to push ideas and concepts as far as possible. He is well known for his work in TVC internationally. MJZ is known for representing star TVC directors such as Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham and others.

The robots were created actually with Legacy FX through practical special effects, they were all puppets with controllers. MPC was responsible for the clean up and then added in secondary animation to really bring ‘Evelyn’ to life. Things like eye blinking, subtle finger movement, gears turning in her head and volumetric light coming from her brain cavity. “The major challenge for us was to recreate her lip movement when the script changed after we shot the spot” commented Lauren Pollare MPCs Head of Marketing in LA.

A lot of VFX work was done with rig removal, clean up and making Evelyn life-like by adding eye blinks and realistic human expressions to her face.  Warren Paleos, VFX Supervisor, said: “The team at Droga5 is always an absolute pleasure to work with. From the first call with Nick Ball the director I knew this was going to be an epic commercial. All of the teams made the process as smooth as I could hope for. I’ve never been more proud of a job I’ve worked on.”

MPC also worked on these Super Bowl spots:

  • Diet Coke ‘Because I Can’
  • Toyota ‘Mobility for All’
  • Toyota ‘Good Odds’ and
  • Squarespace ‘Make it Happen’
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