New server report: day one

We’ve made it through 24 hours with the new server and web site here at We wanted to update you with some notes about what isn’t working yet as well as how to report bugs. It’s been a crazy 48 hours here at fxguide — and the end of several months of hard work. Or really, the beginning of more good things to come. Our overall goal (see this article) is to bring you more content than in the past, and with the generous support of many of you already who have contributed, it looks like we’re on the way to doing this.

The last month was spent testing and re-testing, but switching to the final server always introduces some bugs. We have set up a special email address: bugs(at) for you to report problems you’re having. Many issues seem to have ironed themselves out with the DNS propagation, but we’d love to hear from you if you run into anything.

Here’s a listing of what we consider major things that aren’t working:

  • podcast feeds: In theory, the old feeds are set up to redirect to our new ones. We followed the guidelines Apple set out, but they aren’t being updated. All feeds validate correctly, but iTunes is choking on them, which is honestly not fully surprising. We plan to have this fixed in the next 24 hours.
  • fxinsider registration: When you sign up and pay for fxinsider, you are not automatically bumped in status, so we’re having to do this manually. We’re generally getting to them within 30 minutes to an hour…but it could be more. We also plan to have this fixed in the next 24 hours.
  • pdf show notes: The feeds do not currently have pdf show notes associated with them. We plan to reintroduce this feature as soon as possible.

Our RSS feeds have been broken out so that the main news feed no longer contains the fxpodcast. If you wish to subscribe to our new RSS feed for stories, please use our new RSS feed.

Thanks again for all the kind words on Twitter and Facebook about our changes. We appreciate the support…and this is just the first of more good stuff to come.

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