VFXShow 252: TENET


Tenet is the latest film from the master filmmaker: Christopher Nolan. In this episode of the VFXshow, we discuss this landmark film and its’ VFX and complex plotline. Tenet was shot on IMAX 70mm and it based much of its effects work as special effects done in-camera.

Listen to our other fxpodcast interview with VFX Supervisor Andrew Jackson here. Jackson led the brilliant team at DNEG who provided the VFX for Tenet.  Jackson is known for this mastery of films that achieve much of their visual impact from clever on-set live-action approaches to complex visual problems. Jason was VFX supervisor on Mad Max: Fury Road and Nolan’s last film: Dunkirk.

Chris Nolan and John David Washington on-set

The film’s delayed release meant that the VFXShow’s Mike Seymour could see Tenet in 70mm in Australia months ago, but the film is only now available on streaming services, where the other hosts could review it.


The Red Team talking about when they will see this episode are, (the same as the team that did see it):

  • Matt Wallin         @mattwallin     mattwallin.com
  • Jason Diamond  @jasondiamond      www.thediamondbros.com
  • Mike Seymour   @mikeseymour.   www.fxguide.com

Upcoming shows include WonderWoman WW84, and some new surprises, with new additional VFXshow special podcasts in 2021.

Why did they need to be in the containers and not the Helicopters again?

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