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Ghost riding

Apr 26 2015

How Alter Ego made bikes ride - without their riders. Includes comprehensive breakdowns. read more...

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Cool camera kit at NAB

Apr 13 2015

A round up of new camera tech and tools announced at NAB in Las Vegas - with more to come from fxguide. read more...

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Matte Painting Part 3: The Art

Feb 12 2006

In last week's story we looked at the tools that professional matte painters use. This week we turn our attention to the art and beauty of matte painting with senior matte painter Wayne Hagg (Lord of the Rings I & II). We explore how read more...

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ftrack 3.2 revealed at NAB

by John Montgomery

ftrack has announced that they will be releasing version 3.2 of its software this summer. New features include Nuke Studio integration, Actions, chat features, and release of their updated API. read more...

MODO 901: exclusive tech sneak peek

by Mike Seymour

MODO 901 will be released in a few months but fxguide visited The Foundry yesterday in LA for an exclusive sneak peek of new Render Tech (*this is on top of The Foundry's own feature leaks today!) read more...