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Barbershop at Weta: Sci-tech winner explained

Jan 29 2015

Creating a desired hairstyle can often be a long, tedious, and non-intuitive process - not with Weta's Barbershop (Sci-Tech Award winner). We explain just how clever and yet simple Barbershop is. read more...

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Altering time with Project Almanac

Jan 28 2015

Method Studios breaks down its time altering visual effects for the found-footage film, Project Almanac. read more...

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Art of Tracking Part 1: History of Tracking

Aug 24 2004

In part one of a two part series about tracking, Mike Seymour covers the history of 2D and 3D tracking in visual effects. Today's artists might take it for granted, but what companies and individuals helped bring image processsing innovation to the field and change read more...

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